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To have a heart for people.

Dr. med. Thomas Felkel and his staff of the Dr. Felkel Ärzte AG are committed to you, and want to complement the care of patients with Cardiological and Internal conditions.

The human is the subject. The care of individuals is very important to us, and we take time for this. The established methods of anamnesis and physical examination play a major role in our diagnostic. Mutual trust is the basis of all successful treatment.

Through long-lasting training and clinical experience, continuous further training and the use of state of the art   Medical-Data-Processing and diagnostic equipment as well as the cooperation with established laboratories, we ensure excellent diagnostic and therapy.

Collaborative effort with referring colleagues and the central hospitals in the region is sought and valued. Thereby, direct and effective communication with colleagues is an important aspect of our work. By the means of modern communication technology, a timely flow of information occurs- typically by the usage of the Liechtenstein- and Swiss-wide established and secured HIN-Platform.

We place great value in training and further education of our staff. Accordingly, we incorporate one trainee into our team.

The individuals health and high quality of life is our purpose and goal.

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