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Dr. med. Thomas O. Felkel 

Cardiology and Internal Medicine 



Wiesengass 2

9494 Schaan FL


Phone: +423 262 04 56

Fax:     +423 262 04 57



Opening Hours

Monday- Friday

8:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 18:00

- Appointments after Arrangement -


As described in the mission, the diagnostic and mutual trust between the patient and the physician form the basis of the treatment.


Besides the focus on general internal medicine, our competencies lie in the following areas: 

    •    Heart

    •    Coronary Diseases

    •    Heart insufficiency/failure

    •    Inflammation of the heart muscle

    •    High blood pressure / Hypertension

    •    Cardiac valve diseases

    •    Cardiac Arrhythmia und illness of the cardiac conduction system

    •    Pacemaker Checkup, Defibrillator Checkup (ICD, CRT), Loop             Recorder

    •    amongst other things

    •    Lung

    •    Evaluation of pulmonary diseases (Obstructive and restrictive                 Diseases, Emphysema, COPD, amongst others.) by the use                     Bodyplethysmography and with Diffusion measurement (DLCO)

    •    Testing for reactive respiratory diseases (ex. Asthma) - incl.                     Bronchospasmolysis and option of Diffusionsmessung

    •    Vessels

    •    Vessel-Ultrasound of the neck arteries (Carotids)

    •    Vessel-Ultrasound of the abdominal vessels und vessels of the                 extremities (Leg veins and leg arteries, u. a.)

    •    General Inner Medicine

    •    Evaluation of hereditary diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the             liver, kidneys, urinary tracts (Prostate, bladder), the blood,                     Diseases of the rheumatological category, Infections of the                     lymphatic organs etc.

    •    Performance Diagnostic

    •    Laboratory Diagnostic

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